My name is Jessica Cook, and I am the principal at Stowe Elementary School. This year marks my 23rd year in education and my second year as the principal of Stowe Elementary. I have enjoyed learning about the strong traditions and history that Stowe Elementary continues to hold. It brings families great pride to say that they graduated from Stowe and are now entrusting us with their own children. We do not take that lightly! 

Our school motto is: Work Hard, Be Kind. This message is repeated by students throughout the day and really does encompass our philosophy at Stowe. Additionally, we have the unique opportunity to access our beautiful school forest and encourage classrooms to understand that nature really does provide the best classroom for learning. This is why we describe Stowe as having "Educational Excellence with an Environmental Emphasis."  

During the 22-23 school year, we are already finding some "return to normal." Being able to develop strong relationships with the families in our community is the best way that we can foster a love for learning within our children. Be sure to watch for communication from our school office about community events that we will have throughout the year.

We're excited for the new school year, please contact us if you have questions.