Setting Up Campus Suite to Recognize Your Google Email & Password
Note: You only have to do this part one time.


>>You’ll be taken to the Campus Suite login screen for our new website.

Email: (use your ISD 709 email address)

Password: Isd709GA! (case sensitive)

>Click your Display Name at the top-right and a menu will appear - select My Account.

>Click Account at the upper left and a menu will appear - select Manage Credentials.

>Click the green + Register OAUTH button at the top-right.

>Select Google as the method of authentication.


Once you're set up using the steps above, next time you go 
to Staff Resources you'll log in this way:


>>On the Campus Suite login screen, click the blue Single Sign-on (SSO) button.

>>Select Sign in with Google.

>>You'll be taken to the Staff Resources website.

Contact if you have questions.