Gender Identity, Gender Expression & Inclusive Practices

As a community, we value creating welcoming environments where the uniqueness of each person is honored and appreciated, recognizing that we all come from many different circumstances and cultures.  With that in mind, we work to ensure schools are safe, respectful, caring environments for children and adults. 

School district and staff members: 
Recognize and be aware of negative attitudes towards gender identity and gender expression issues. Address stereotypes shared within conversations and work with individuals to appreciate diversity. Teach specific language that empowers individuals to be proud of who they are and to be an ally to others who are being mistreated. 

Look for examples in curricula, media and the broader society that reinforce or dispel gender stereotypes or binary models of gender. Look for specific examples that expand our understanding and idea of gender spectrum, identity and expression. Use these as teachable moments to expand understanding of gender identity, expression and inclusion. 

Confront derogatory or inconsiderate attitudes or references toward others every time you hear or observe them. Immediately address any negative comments or behaviors towards individuals or any community as a whole. Use these as teachable moments. Take the opportunity to address the individual’s misconceptions/bias and reframe viewpoints. Punitive measures may stop the behavior in your presence but may not resolve the underlying misconceptions/bias.

Helpful information and links

Student Records Update Form: Families may change how a student’s name appears in Infinite Campus for attendance, grades, and other daily use of our student data management system. This is not a legal name change but is designed to support school staff using students names aligned to their gender identity and gender expression. If you have questions about the use of this form, please contact your Counselor or Building Principal. 

Gender Identity, Gender Expression & Inclusive Practices Training: Duluth Public Schools staff across our district completed training on inclusive practices for gender identity and gender expression. The training was created in cooperation with local experts, students, best practice resources, and District/Community Leadership Team. 

Toolkit for Ensuring Safe and Supportive Schools for Students Who Identify as Transgender and Gender Nonconforming: A resource for schools and districts provided by the Minnesota Department of Education.