Hands-On Learning

Hands-On Learning

Hands on learning as our Little Panthers grow!

Ms. Owens shares about her recent lesson, "The kindergarteners read five different versions, over five days, of the story, Little Red Hen. The class then compared and contrasted the stories using Venn diagrams. Students explored five days of centers. The centers included:

Center 1~Pocket Charts
1a-matching and discussing vocabulary words with pictures from the stories. They also focused on the beginning sounds of these words. 
1b-matching pictures of animals to the sounds they make. (daily discussion of Onamonapia!)
1c-rhyming picturesures in two pocket charts. 
1d-sequencing/retelling the story with pictures from the story.
1e-A fill in the blank Thanksgiving sight word poem.

Center 2~ Science
Using a balance, students had to balance 1/2 of a cup of flour with small, medium, and large Teddy Bear Counters and record how many of each counter it took to ‘balance’ the flour.

Center 3~ Art
Students painted a picture of a wheat field (which they saw in the story and looked at images of on line.). Students put all of their art work together to build our wheat field on the wall in the pod and titled it “Who Will Help Me Plant the Wheat?” Students dipped a 12’’ piece of cardboard into a trough of
paint and ‘stamped’, if you were the wheat and then topped each piece of wheat with a new pencil eraser top dots...one for on the top and 3 dots down each side of each piece of wheat. A must see!

Center 4~ Math
Students were given a map of the farm. Using an inch ruler students had to measure the distance between: farm house and hen house, hen house to the wheat field, wheat field to the Mill, & Mill to the farm house. Students also had to match 1/2 loaves of bread together by solving simple addition problems (number sentence on one half of the loaf and the answer on the other half of the loaf.)

Center 5 ~ Phonics/Writing
Students fill in the blanks of an easy to read version of the story with the names of the animals as well as the words "Not I." Students then had to read their story to a peer from their center group.

Center 6~ Listening Center
Students listened to a Thanksgiving story on tape with headphones and then had to complete the sentence:
“I am thankful for...". Students had to sound out 3 things they were thankful for and illustrate them.

Center 7~ Small Group Reading
(Wonders Unit 2, Week 3) guided reading with myself or the student teacher.

Center 8 ~ Read with Self/Partner
Students each have a bag of the on-level Readers from Wonders. They can choose to read independently or with a partner.

Students completed 2 centers each day. Ms. Owens meet with 2-4 reading groups a day as they rotated through centers. The whole group reading is the Wonders daily lesson along with our daily Little Red Hen big book selections and activities. Whole group activities throughout the week also included reading and watching fables, discussing what lesson or moral to the story they could identify, story sequencing color cut and glue activity, building a little red hen by following step by step picture directions, students were given 3 different versions of the story they chorale read and through out it all, the lesson the other animals learned was discussed in rich student interaction. These Panthers showed cooperation, enjoyment of the diverse lessons, objectives and final results.

Their culminating activity was for each child to make and bake their own loaves of bread. They were amazed that you could turn the 6 ingredients into a loaf of bread. discussion. "It is easily my favorite unit to teach; running a close second to next week’s Gingerbread Man unit!"

Google “Making Bread in a Bag” for the recipe! It makes 1 full size loaf or 2 penny loaves and it’s delicious! Even the gluten free bread for our gluten free student turned out awesome!"

We are WOWED by this PAWesome lesson for our Kindergarten students. Thank you, Mrs. Owens, for your dedication to student engagement through purposeful learning that directly relates to kindergarten learning targets. A special shout out to our school cafeteria hero, Ms. Maria! Thank you for baking over 40 loaves of bread for our Panthers!