Attendance & Schedule

Piedmont Panthers Schedule

7:30 AM: School Doors Open for student drop off

- Students wait in thier designated areas 

- Third, Fourt, and Fifth Grade Students go to the cafeteria for breakfast or wait in thier designated areas

- Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade have breakfast with thier class after 7:45 AM

7:35 AM: Classrooms Open 

7:45 AM: School Starts! 

10:50-12:50 Lunch and Recess

2:05 Dismissal 





Attendance Matters logo

Everyone has a role in helping to achieve this goal:


  • Take attendance every day.
  • Talk with students and/or parents when a student frequently misses your class. It is your business!
  • Make students and their families feel welcome in your classroom and at school.
  • Hold high expectations for all students. Focus on strengths and challenge all students to reach their full potential.


  • Arrive at school—and all of your classes—on time every day!
  • Remind a parent or guardian to notify the school office when you are absent.
  • Take responsibility for your own behavior—go to bed on time, get yourself ready and be prepared for your classes.
  • School is your job, treat it like one!


  • Get your child to school on time every day and have a back-up plan. 
  • Plan vacations around scheduled school breaks and schedule appointments before or after school, during lunch or free periods.
  • Report all absences to the school.
  • Learn the difference between excused and unexcused absences.
  • Don’t allow your child to stay home unnecessarily.
  • Give your child enough time to get ready in the morning. Prepare lunches, complete homework assignments and set clothing out the night before.
  • Remind your child the importance of school and how their education matters.
  • Be involved in the school and your child’s education. Don’t hesitate to contact the school for any reason.


  • Ask students how they are doing in school and let them know you support them.
  • If you see kids during school hours, ask why they aren’t in school.
  • Call the school about concerns of students loitering during the school day.
  • Remind students that school is important and their success matters to you and the community.