Duluth School Board approves Duluth Federation of Teachers and paraprofessionals contracts

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The Duluth School Board approved a new contract for the Duluth Federation of Teachers and paraprofessionals during a meeting Tuesday, April 26. 

Both the DFT contract and paraprofessionals contract includes a 2.25% raise for this year and next year.

“Teachers and paraprofessionals do so much for our students and families throughout the district. We are very happy that the Duluth School Board has approved their 2021-2023 contracts,” Superintendent John Magas said.

Contract changes also include changing to a twice-monthly pay schedule for employees starting July 1, 2022, or any year thereafter. This pay schedule is better aligned with the District fiscal calendar.

Teachers will also receive a one-time longevity and retention stipend in the amount of $600 for the 2021-22 school year.

“As a retired teacher, I know how important our teachers and paraprofessionals are and the hard work they do each and every day for our students across the district,” Board Chair Jill Lofald said. “It’s an honor for the entire board to approve these contracts and move our district forward.”