Duluth Public Schools Enters Into Purchase Agreement For Much of Central Hill Property

Duluth Public Schools Enters Into Purchase Agreement For Much of Central Hill Property

Duluth, Minnesota - During a special school board meeting held July 13, 2021, the Duluth School Board entered into a $7.4 million dollar purchase agreement with Saturday Central Heights, LLC for a 52+ acre portion of the Central High School property on the top of the hill.  

This property has been marketed to developers over the last 11 years in an attempt to find a suitable reuse for the shuttered school building and property.  Over the next year, the Duluth School District, Saturday Central Heights, LLC and the City of Duluth will work together to finalize the sale and redevelopment of the property.  

The sale of this property opens the opportunity for full scale redevelopment of the idled property, including the school district retaining and developing the back portion of the property and Saturday Central Heights, LLC redeveloping the majority of the land.

The school district and Saturday Central Heights will work together to create a master planning document to submit to the City of Duluth outlining general plans and specifications including infrastructure development. 

“The Board unanimously approved moving forward with the purchase agreement,” said Jill Lofald, Board Chairperson.  “This is an exciting next step which will be beneficial for our schools and our community.”

“I am very pleased that the district is moving forward in partnership with Saturday Central Heights regarding this property agreement,” said John Magas, Duluth Schools Superintendent.  “It will be helpful in providing additional resources to the students and families of the district, and will be a wonderful development opportunity for the City of Duluth.”

The sale and redevelopment of this property is the culmination of a plan put in place by the Duluth School Board in 2019 that included the sale and redevelopment of Historic Old Central High School, as well as the relocation of the district’s transportation and district services center.  In October 2020, the school board approved a $3 million purchase agreement for HOCHS with Saturday Properties.  

This plan to sell both properties was adopted by the board to create efficiencies within the district and to aid in the redevelopment of two important Duluth properties, allowing for the district to focus additional efforts on existing school facilities and student outcomes.