For Caregivers

Information to help you support your young reader.  

IMG The #1 thing you can do to motivate your child to read is to bring your child to the Duluth Public Library.
To get a FREE public library card:      
- application form    
- photo ID      
- proof of current address      
- your child 

QUESTION: What should we do at the Duluth Public Library?
Help your child find books that your child has enjoyed reading. When children choose what they read, they read more. The children's librarians will be happy to show your child where his or her favorite books are located.

Myers-Wilkins students' favorite books:

QUESTION: What can I do if my child has run out of books to read?
IMG Goodreads is a great place to find readalike recommendations. If your child loves Harry Potter but has read every book in this series, you can use Goodreads to find more books like Harry Potter. 

QUESTION: What can I do to help my child branch out in his or her reading habits?
First, support your child's reading choices. It is natural and quite common for kids to find one kind of book they enjoy and to read primarily that one kind of book. If your child is reading, he or she is gaining important skills, regardless of the content.

Second, I'll share what I do with my own kids. Each time we go to the library, my kids pick out books for themselves, and I pick out a couple additional books for my kids that will stretch them. I do not make my kids read the books I pick out. I just put the books I've selected by their beds, and often my kids read them. That's it. Picking a book to read aloud with your child is also a wonderful idea.

A booklist is a great place to look for stretch books: