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Myers-Wilkins Elementary Music

March is Music in Our Schools Month!

Students receive sequential, comprehensive music instruction with a curriculum that includes responding, creating, performing and connecting.

Mrs. Akervik

218-336-8700, #1035

Music News - March   

Welcome to Music class!  All grades are working on the following music skills: Responding, creating, performing and connecting music.

Kindergarten: Pitch - high and low, Tempo - fast and slow.

1st Grade: Tone Color -Bell Sets, Melody - higher and lower, rhythm - one vs. two sounds to a beat.

2nd Grade: Tone Color - singing voice, music games, Melody - pitch patterns using do, re, mi, so and la.

3rd Grade: Form, Tone color - Instruments from Africa.

4th Grade: Melody - Treble Clef pitches, Tone Color - Voice.

5th Grade: Music notation and symbols, Creating melodic and rhythmic patterns.