Welcome to Myers-Wilkins Elementary School!

   It is a privilege to serve as the principal at Myers-Wilkins.  Every staff member is dedicated to making the experience for children and families a most positive one.  

   Our school has a wonderful reputation for providing a safe and caring learning environment where each child is encouraged to explore their interests, engage their passions, and extend their understanding of their important place in our greater community.  

  Our highly knowledgeable and professional staff collaborate together to provide a rigorous and standards-based curriculum that is driven by student interests. We believe in supporting the social and emotional growth of students in tandem with academics. Our school has developed a school-wide positive behavior plan to teach and encourage good choices each day that are safe, respectful, and responsible.  

   We encourage each family to be actively involved in their child’s education.  Support comes in many ways. Families and caregivers can become active with our family advisory group, volunteer in the classroom once or twice a month, or simply designate a special time each night to talk about your child’s day and spend 15 minutes reading together.  Our Wednesday folders are a great tool for families to reinforce organization and foster communication between school and home.

   Our Facebook and Twitter presence is growing.  Watch your family newsletter for more details. Our school is proud of our growth and learning and we look forward to sharing our excitement about our school activities with our community.

   I believe we do our work best when communication is open and frequent.  Please reach out to me should you have any questions about our programs and opportunities at Myers-Wilkins Elementary School.  We are glad you are here!

With warmest regards,

Amy Worden
218.336.8860 ext 2764