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Lowell Elementary School Directory


Lowell School Directory Update 
As a new initiative this year, the PTA is attempting to create a student directory. Per district policy, parents/guardians need to “opt in” to this by submitting their child(ren)’s info directly to the PTA. The initial deadline for submissions was Oct. 1. However, at this point, we only have about 1/10 of the school’s students information. So, we have decided to allow directory submissions on a rolling basis. A parent or guardian will be able to submit their child’s information at any point throughout the year. The PTA will send out an updated PDF version of the directory three times throughout the year (or upon an individual’s request). The PDF will only be sent to those families who “opt in” to the directory and will not be available publicly. Next year, we hope to be able to print out directories in the fall if we have more participation. Hope this makes sense to everyone! Please let me know if you have any questions. Again, the link to submit info to the directory is here: bit.ly/LowellSchoolDirectory.

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