Welcome to the Lowell Family

We talk about our Lion PRIDE starting on the first day of school. First, we define what "pride" means and discover out that we really have two meanings at Lowell: 1) a "pride" is a group of lions that live socially together (a family) and 2) "pride" is a feeling of happiness we get when someone does something good, difficult, etc.

When we talk about showing our Lion Pride, we are really stating that we are following the expectation that all students will behave in a safe, kind, respectful, and honest manner each and every day.

A committee of teachers have committed to the implementation of PBIS (stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). This group is working in conjunction with the other teachers and will be seeking input from students to develop behavior expectations for specific locations at school.

In the future, you will hear more about some of the positive rewards being implemented at Lowell and what recognition will be given to individuals and groups for showing their Lowell Lion PRIDE!

If you are interested in learning more about the PBIS framework, please click here.

Lowell Lion Pride graphic