Enrollment Information

Not sure which Duluth ISD #709 school's boundaries you live in?

We are excited that your child(ren) will be attending Lester Park!  
The enrollment process at Lester Park is based on two scenarios:

1.) If your child is coming from another K-5th Duluth Public School....      
* contact the school office at 336-8875 x2652
* Change in Transportation form  (even if walker/parent transport)        
* Parent Input form        
* Proof of Residency (Lease or purchase agreement, property tax statement, homeless) Find your tax statement

2.) All others...

* REGISTER ONLINE - Save time and skip the paper forms by enrolling online! Click HERE.

* Copy of Birth Information (Birth Certificate, Hospital Certificate, Passport, prior school records)    
* Proof of Residency (Lease or purchase agreement, or a property tax statement).  Find your tax statement.

* Parent Input form           
* Current immunization records (we may be able to get them from the previous school)

If you choose not to do the online form, you may print forms out at home, have them mailed to you, or stop by and fill them out. To send them to us:
1.) scan (or clear picture) and email to tracy.thompson@isd709.org 
2.) fax to (218)336-8879
3.) mail to  Lester Park Elementary ~ 5300 Glenwood St ~ Duluth, MN 55804


Forms for students outside Lester Park School boundaries:
~ Open Enrollment Form ~ This form is for families living outside the ISD 709 boundaries but would like to have their students attend a Duluth Public School.  Please complete the form turn it into our office or send it to:                 
The Office of the Assistant Superintendent, 201 N. 1st Ave. E. Rm. 203, Duluth MN 55802. 
~ Request for Student Transfer Form ~ This form is for families living in Duluth but outside the Lester Park School boundaries but would like to have their students to attend Lester Park School.  Please complete the form and return to Lester Park School or send directly to the Assistant Superintendent.

Please feel free to stop by Lester Park School to fill out enrollment forms. If you have questions, you may call the school office at 218-336-8875 x2652, or email tracy.thompson@isd709.org.

Welcome to Lester Park School!