As we welcome volunteers to school each day we must also take great consideration for student safety. Please understand that our protocols are in place to do just that, protect All children. 


Mini Background Check

No charge. Form must be filled out to volunteer in the classrooms, cafeteria, or on a field trip. You must always be in the presence of a teacher or other school staff. Form can be filled out online by clicking HERE or there are hard-copies in our front door vestibule. Volunteers are welcome to begin their service once information has been submitted. Please know that you will only be notified if the results of your background check indicate that a record has been found.


Full Background Check

This is for those who will be working alone with students, or alone with them on field trips.  Please check with your child's teacher first that you will for sure need this!!  After you have done this then continue on with the following...

New as of Sept 2022...please email tracy.thompson@isd709.org with your current name and any previous last names that you have had, as well as your birthdate. Tracy will then forward the email on to the ISD709 HR staff memeber who is handling these requests. Again this is only for those who will be working alone with students. Otherwise please do a mini-background check. 


On the day of volunteering...sign in to the green book in the front entrance and pick up an orange visitor sticker. The sticker must be worn and visible while you are in the building. This allows all staff to know that you have signed in at the office and are cleared to be on the Lester Park School property. When you complete your volunteer time, please sign out in the green binder.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in supporting child safety!