Restrictive Procedures

Duluth Public Schools ISD709 promotes the use of positive behavioral approaches as an intervention for all students. Duluth Public Schools ISD 709 uses restrictive procedures only in response to behavior(s) that constitutes an emergency, even if written into a child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Positive Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). Restrictive procedures are use of a “hold” or “seclusion”. Duluth Public Schools does not plan or intend to use “seclusion” at any time.

When we use a restrictive procedure (hold or seclusion), we need to document the incident immediately (no later than 24 hours), conduct a debriefing meeting within two school days, and document the debriefing meeting. Below are links to forms to document the incident/use of restrictive procedure and the debriefing meeting.

  • “Students who only receive General Education”: Use the links specific to your school in the chart below.

  • “Students who receive Special Education”: Use SpEd Forms.


  1. “Emergency” means a situation where immediate intervention is needed to protect a child or other individual from physical injury.

  2. “Physical holding” means physical intervention intended to hold a child immobile or limit a child’s movement, where body contact is the only source of physical restraint, and where immobilization is used to effectively gain control of a child in order to protect a child or other individual from physical injury. Minn. Stat.§ 125A.0941(c). Duluth Public Schools does not use prone restraint at any time.

  3. “Seclusion” means confining a child alone in a room from which egress is barred.  Egress may be barred by an adult locking or closing the door in the room or preventing the child from leaving the room. Removing a child from an activity to a location where the child cannot participate in or observe the activity is not seclusion. Minn. Stat. § 125A.0941(g). Duluth Public Schools does not plan or intend to use “seclusion” at any time.

Incident Report Forms
(report the initial incident here)

Debriefing Report Forms
(report after completing your debriefing)

Restrictive Procedures Plan
(update your site’s plan annually)

ALC Incident Report

ALC Debrief Form

ALC Restrictive Proc. Plan

Superior Academy Incident Report

Superior Academy Debrief Form

Superior Academy Restrictive Proc. Plan

Arrowhead Academy Incident Report

Arrowhead Academy Debrief Form

Arrowhead Restrictive Proc. Plan

Chester Creek Incident Report

Chester Creek Debrief Form

Chester Creek Restrictive Proc. Plan

Congdon Incident Report

Congdon Debrief Form

Congdon Restrictive Proc. Plan

Denfeld Incident Report

Denfeld Debrief Form

Denfeld Restrictive Proc. Plan

East Incident Report

East Debrief Form

East Restrictive Proc. Plan

Homecroft Incident Report

Homecroft Debrief Form

Homecroft Restrictive Proc. Plan

Lakewood Incident Report

Lakewood Debrief Form

Lakewood Restrictive Proc. Plan

Laura MacArthur Incident Report

Laura MacArthur Debrief Form

Laura MacArthur Restrictive Proc. Plan

Lester Park Incident Report

Lester Park Debrief Form

Lester Park Restrictive Proc. Plan

Lincoln Park Incident Report

Lincoln Park Debrief Form

Lincoln Park Restrictive Proc. Plan

Lowell Incident Report

Lowell Debrief Form

Lowell Restrictive Proc. Plan

Merritt Creek Academy Incident Report

Merritt Creek Academy Debrief Form

Merritt Creek Restrictive Proc. Plan

Myers-Wilkins Incident Report

Myers-Wilkins Debrief Form

Myers-Wilkins Restrictive Proc. Plan

Ordean East Incident Report

Ordean East Debrief Form

Ordean East Restrictive Proc. Plan

Piedmont Incident Report

Piedmont Debrief Form

Piedmont Restrictive Proc. Plan

Stowe Incident Report

Stowe Debrief Form

Stowe Restrictive Proc. Plan

Woodland Hills Academy Incident Report

Woodland Hills Academy Debrief Form

Woodland Hills Restrictive Proc. Plan