Help Me Grow

The Help Me Grow/Child Find Program is available free of charge to children starting at birth. If parents, caregivers, family members or physicians have any concern about an area of development for a child they can make a referral to have a screening or evaluation done. The Duluth School District ECSE staff can then meet your child in their natural environment to check on their skills and overall development. If the child is not meeting age appropriate milestones, the school staff can help the parents or care givers determine how to best meet the child's needs.

Services that the school district may provide following an evaluation could include special instruction, speech, physical or occupational therapy, school social work and nurse time. This program is offered year round for children under the age of three and during the school year for children ages 3 to Kindergarten. It can be provided in the home, child care setting or community setting.

Check out the Help Me Grow website for milestone checklists, free printables, and more!

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Local contact:
Call 218-336-8744