What are we doing at East to address mental health needs and how can students access help?

  • School Counselors - our school counselors are trained in childrens' mental health. They can help address student needs here at school and connect families to resources when additional services are needed. They are here to support students socially, emotionally, and acadmically. They are also here to help our students plan and prepare for opportunities after high school.
    • Our school counselors also operate a drop in center on the second floor. This is staffed 
  • School Social Worker - our students who receive IEP services may also receive services from our Licensed School Social Worker
  • Co-located Mental Health Therapy - here at East our co-located partner is Arrowhead Psychology, placing a therapist on site 3 days per week allowing students to attend therapy sessions right here at school. While students may be excused to attend sessions with any therapist off site, this opportunity makes access easier by preventing the need for parents to leave work and less lost instructional time to travel. Please contact a counselor or administrator for a referral or contact Arrowhead Psychology directly. 
  • Co-located Group Therapy/Skills Groups
    • Grief Group - Insight Counseling
    • "Stress Less" Group - Stacy Crawford
  • List of outside agencies available in the area (please contact us if you know of any that should be added)
  • Mental Health Training for Staff - each month at our staff meetings our counselors and various outside professionals provide brief training related to the needs of our students - how to identify and support our students with mental health needs
  • NEW FOR 2019: SOURCES OF STRENGTH PROGRAM - in February we will be training students and staff and kicking off our Sources of Strength (SOS) program at East and Denfeld thanks to generous grants from Essentia, Miller Dwan, and St. Lukes

From our Counselors: Mental Health Resources  and Support for Students and Families