Network Misuse Policy

I.S.D. #709 Student Discipline Policy
Unacceptable Computer Use 

The Duluth School District has tracking software that monitors student use on the computer network and has taken precautions to attempt to limit access to inappropriate or offensive materials on the Internet. The Library Media Specialist and teaching staff also randomly monitor students while they are using the computer network. However, parents/guardians must recognize it is impossible for the District and/or staff to restrict access to all inappropriate or offensive materials available through the computer network.

Students and parents are reminded that the "... use of Duluth Public Schools Internet access is limited to educational purposes such research, professional development, instruction and collaborative educational projects." ( 3187R -  Internet Use Regulations)    

Students misusing the computer network, Internet, software applications, and/or hardware are in violation of the following school district policy and will be disciplined:

5.27 School Discipline Policy 5085 
Section:  5.27.1 School Discipline Policy 
Sub-Section:  5.27.3 Definitions of Disciplinary Actions:  Violations Against School Administration Procedures

Technology Tampering:

Data tampering, unauthorized use of data, violation of the District Internet Policy (Board Policy 3187 and 3187R); i.e. software modification or copyright violation, any attempt to install or use slftware that has not been approved by the district, violation of district network security, hardware damage/vandalism, etc.

Minimum Discipline Action:

1st Offense - Loss or restriction of Technology use. Suspension and notification of parents/guardians, police, or probation officer, if applicable. Required restitution by parent/guardian and student, and student conference. 1 to 3 days in-school or out-of-school suspension.

2nd Offense - Loss or restriction of Technology use. 3 days out-of-school suspension. Consideration for expulsion. The parent/guardian and student shall be liable for restitution.