Sources of Strength - a message from Scott LoMurray, Executive Director

Schools may be closed, and trainings are canceled, but our strengths are not. Positive Friendships are not canceled, although the time we spend together may look and feel different. Healthy Activities are not canceled, even though we might need to get creative when practicing them inside. Family Support, Mentors, Generosity, and Spirituality are not canceled, they are the life-giving relationships and practices that support and sustain us. Medical Access (Physical Health) and Mental Health are invaluable resources and we will be doing our best to help you stay well, name and notice your emotions, practice calming and healthy coping, and building relationships and connections, even from a social distance.

Follow us online @sourcesofstrength on Instagram as we launch a national “What Helps Me” campaign next week. We want to hear from you, your friends, and your communities: when you feel angry, anxious, or sad, what helps? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, frozen or freaked out, who or what can help you feel better? If you're feeling confused and uncertain of what you feel from one moment to the next, how can you connect to your strengths? Our staff will be here to share, to reflect, and to connect.

Youth Employment Services - YES Duluth

YES Duluth has current information about the virus, how it is affecting employment, and will assist with obtaining unemployment if you have been laid off from your job. 

Chum - Food, Shelter, Dignity, Hope

Our intent is to maintain operations to the maximum extent that is within the latest public health guidance we are receiving. We believe, as we always have and always will, that people have the right to food and shelter in a welcoming and safe environment, and it is our job to provide that.

ISD 709 - Free Breakfast & Lunch

Duluth Public Schools will have free breakfast and lunches available to Duluth students 18 years of age and younger weekdays.No paperwork necessary, the student must be present to receive the meal. 
>>Bagged breakfast will include fruit or fruit juice, cereal or breakfast bar and milk.
>>Bagged lunch will include a sandwich, veggies, fruit and milk.  
Both breakfast and lunch will be served from a school bus at the designated locations and times.  Any student from any school can pick up a breakfast & lunch at any location.  Click on the ISD 709 Link above to find times and locations.

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is offering Text-based suicide prevention services across Minnesota. People who text MN to 741741 will be connected with a counselor who will help defuse the crisis and connect the texter to local resources. Crisis Text Line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additional Duluth/Superior Area Resources

Click onto the above link for additional community mental health resources.