Greyhound Bleacher Captain - All Out, All Game, All Season

Application will be out soon! 

Students must meet MSHSL/District, and Academic guidelines to remain eligible as a B.C. 


What is a Greyhound Bleacher Captain?

East Students that will serve as role models and help ensure that the East fans represent East with class and enthusiasm. 

Collaboration: Bleacher Captains will work with Staff, Student Groups, Game workers, and the Cheerleaders to create a welcoming and exciting atmosphere at games and events. 

What does a student get in return for being a bleacher captain? 

Game entry to get into East home games, Greyhound Bleacher Captain Shirt, Recognition, and items from the concession stand at the discretion of staff.


What should you do to help at games?

Check in with the security or site manager to let them know you are around to help

Wear red and gray, look like a “Greyhound”

Work with the cheerleaders and the band to get the fans into the game! 

Keep our fans in “above the line” by putting an end to negative cheers

Sit with our fans, be part of the crowd!

Help with putting away chairs postgame – volleyball and basketball!

Help organize clean the stands after games, encourage classmates to clean up after themselves

Report any incidents from games that you encounter, this will be confidential!

Help in the event of an emergency – take charge and find help

• Model positive behavior at games, activities, and the classroom

• Never rush the floor or playing surface

• Must be passing all classes and not have tardies or unexcused absences

• Put in announcements about games or activities 

• Must clear fan section dress themes prior to announcing or setting up with AD

• All actions must meet or exceed the P.R.I.D.E. traits posted in the atrium

Due Date August 15, 2022