Duluth East High School

Staff Directory

2020-2021 Duluth East Staff by Department

Dial 218-336-8845 then extension

Offices and Administration

Darcy Motschenbacher
Main Office, x2142

Jen LaBelle
Registrar/Counseling Office, x2143

Alyssa Thompson
Activities Office/Treasurer, x2304

Kathy Wilson
Attendance, x2104

Danette Seboe
Principal, x2142

Jon Flaa
Assistant Principal, x2325

Kyle Rock
Assistant Principal, x2348

Shawn Roed
Activities Director, x2151

Officer Bill Stauber
Duluth Police Department School Resource Officer, x2150



Geraldine Settergren, Health Aide, x 2114

Tabitha Landgreen, School Nurse, x 2313



Carlson, Jim: ext 3300, james.carlson@isd709.org

Monson, Hannah: ext 2419, hannah.monson@isd709.org

Ranfranz, Susan: ext 2688, susan.ranfranz@isd709.org


Career and Technical Education

Maxim, Galen: Culinary Arts, ext 2393, galen.maxim@isd709.org

TBD: Business Education

Rudolph, John: Forestry and Agriculture, ext 2178, john.rudolph@isd709.org

Miller, Jennifer: Graphic Arts, ext 4040, jennifer.miller@isd709.org

Olson, Kim: Health Occupations, ext 4036, kimberly.olson@isd709.org

Rother, Daniel: Aerospace Physics, ext 2284, daniel.rother@isd709.org

Leone, Tony: Construction Technology, ext 4082, anthony.leone@isd709.org

Simons, Don: Engineering and Manufacturing, ext 2243, donald.simons@isd709.org

Moore, Laurelei: Automotive Technology (Denfeld), ext 2084, laurelei.moore@isd709.org


English and Language Arts

Bohlmann, Heidi: ext 2163, heidi.bohlmann@isd709.org

Hannula, Elisabeth: ext 2164, elisabeth.hannula@isd709.org

Jones, Greg: ext 1220, greg.jones@isd709.org

Muller, Maggie: ext 1987, maggie.muller@isd709.org

Peterson, Kirstin: ext 2168, kirstin.peterson@isd709.org

Sorenson, Stuart: ext 2169, stuart.sorenson@isd709.org

Van Druten, Susan: ext 2171, susan.vandruten@isd709.org

Warmanen, Kristin: ext 2172, kristin.warmanen@isd709.org

Westholm, Dani: ext 1158, danielle.westholm@isd709.org

Zobel, Julie: ext 2173, julie.zobel@isd709.org



Brosell, Chris: ext 2846, christopher.brosell@isd709.org

Fisher, Christy: ext 1982, christy.fisher@isd709.org

Florestano, Brenda: ext 2315, brenda.florestano@isd709.org

Garnett, Bill: ext 2317, william.garnett@isd709.org

Graves, Peter: ext 2318, peter.graves@isd709.org

Laurila, Brent: ext 1154, brent.laurila@isd709.org

Moen, Becca: ext 1972, rebecca.moen@isd709.org

Ricketts, Tracy: ext 1976, tracy.ricketts@isd709.org



Grimsby, Jonathan: Band, ext 2209, jonathan.grimsby@isd709.org

Larson, James: Orchestra, ext 2209, james.larson@isd709.org

Upton, Jerome: Choir, ext 2311, jerome.upton@isd709.org


Physical Education / Health

LaFontaine, Laura: Health, ext 2334, laura.lafontaine@isd709.org

TBD: Phy Ed

Hietala, Joe: Phy Ed, ext 2367, joseph.hietala@isd709.org



Bush, Shania: ext 2212, shania.bush@isd709.org

Holmstrom, Eric: ext 1954, eric.holmstrom@isd709.org

Erickson, Andrea: ext 2299 , andrea.erickson@isd709.org

Kurosky, Cheryl: ext 2177, cheryl.kurosky@isd709.org

Kyes, James: ext 1967, james.kyes@isd709.org

Riley, Michelle: ext 1953, michelle.riley@isd709.org

Rother, Daniel: ext 2284, daniel.rother@isd709.org

Rudolph, John: ext 2178, john.rudolph@isd709.org

Sorenson, Caroline: ext 3146, caroline.sorenson@isd709.org

Zwak, Bill: ext 2182, william.zwak@isd709.org


Social Studies

Kruger, Lee: ext 2043, lee.kruger@isd709.org

McClimek, Beth: ext 1139, beth.mcclimek@isd709.org

Mikulich, Megan: ext 2329, megan.mikulich@isd709.org

Nachbar, Catherine: ext 2330, catherine.nachbar@isd709.org

Nygaard, William: ext 2331, william.nygaard@isd709.org

Rice, Steven: ext 1092, steven.rice@isd709.org

Ring, Jackie: ext 1155,   jacalyn.ring@isd709.org

Schmidt, Susan: ext 2037, susan.schmidt@isd709.org

Updegrove, Rich: ext 2007, richard.updegrove@isd709.org


Special Education

Atol, Judy: School Psychologist, ext 2361, judy.atol@isd709.org

Brown, Sharon: DAPE, ext 2327, sharon.brown@isd709.org

Burritt, Abigail: Resource, ext 2278, abigail.burritt@isd709.org

Cook, Jessica: Resource, ext 1134, jessica.cook@isd709.org

Domini, Mike: Resource, ext 1049, michael.domini@isd709.org

Guddeck, Julie: DHOH, ext 2041, julie.guddeck@isd709.org

Heide, Kim: Resource, ext tbd, kimberly.heide@isd709.org

Jarvis, Debra: ASD III Academic, ext 2046, debra.jarvis@isd709.org

Lake, Ron: School Social Worker, ext 2014, ronald.lake@isd709.org

Letourneau, Cassie: DCD III, ext 2357, cassie.letourneau@isd709.org

Lindberg, Tim: Work Experience (Denfeld office), ext 2362, timothy.lindberg@isd709.org

Pechek, Amanda: EBD, ext 2218, amanda.pechek@isd709.org

Saba, Jessica: DCD/SMI III, ext 2396, jessica.saba@isd709.org

Schneidermann, Mara: DCD III, ext 2369, mara.schneidermann@isd709.org

Swanson (Daly), Samantha: Resource, ext 1137, samantha.daly@isd709.org

Twardowski, Stephanie: ASD III Functional, ext 3095, stephanie.twardowski@isd709.org

Will, Jacob: ASD Resource, ext 3262, jacob.will@isd709.org

Williams, Jacinda: Speech, ext 1191, jacinda.williams@isd709.org

Waechter, Keeley: Work Experience, ext 2213, keeley.waechter@isd709.org


World Language

Alm, Rebecca: ext 1968, rebecca.alm@isd709.org

Hinzmann, Lynn: ext 2159, lynn.hinzmann@isd709.org

Kovacovic, Laurie: ext 1298, laurie.kovacovic@isd709.org

Kroll Strukel, Kim: ext 1298, kimberly.krollstrukel@isd709.org

Lawrey, Diana: ext 4166, diana.lawrey@isd709.org

Lull, Emily: ext 2021, emily.lull@isd709.org


Additional Staff Contacts

Grover, Melissa: ELL, ext 3050, melissa.grover@isd709.org

Wipson, Patti: Media Center, ext 2615, patricia.wipson@isd709.org

Smith, Nate: Integration Specialist, ext 2190, nathan.smith@isd709.org

Horton, Amanda: American Indian Home Liaison, ext 1002, amanda.horton@isd709.org

Johnson, Patti: Cafeteria Manager, ext 2149, patricia.johnson@isd709.org

Margo, Tom: Drivers Ed, ext 2364, thomas.margo@isd709.org


Rich, Sandra: Career Center, ext 2195, sandra.rich@isd709.org

Holliday, Collen: Career Center, ext 2195, colleen.holliday@isd709.org


Savre, Jamie: Counselor (A-G), ext 2154, jamie.savre@isd709.org

Forsman, Jessica: Counselor (H-N), ext 2041, jessica.forsman@isd709.org

Gagne, Robert: Counselor (O-Z), ext 3032, robert.gagne@isd709.org


Trainers Office 2196