Attendance Office

Telephone: 336-8845

Attendance Office, Ext. 2144


Jon Flaa
Assistant Principal, Ext. 2325

Kyle Rock
Assistant Principal, Ext. 2348

Danette Seboe
Principal, Ext. 2140


All students coming or going during the day MUST sign in or out through the attendance office.

For liability reasons, we cannot allow students to leave without a call or a note from a custodial parent or legal guardian BEFORE the time of departure. This important policy will be strictly enforced.

Students leaving early for an appointment MUST come to the office before school to get a pass to leave. Due to the volume of calls each day, we ask that families not call during the day to ask for a pass to be sent. This is disruptive to the classroom and we may not be able to deliver it in time. Calls made the day of an early release will only be allowed in an emergency.


Answers to Common Questions

What you should do if:

Your child is home ill: Call 336 - 8845 between 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. When the phone is answered, push extension x2144 to reach the attendance office, or follow the directions on the audio. If you are unable to reach the attendance office by phone, send a note with your child on the day they return to school.

Notice must be made to the attendance office within 24 hours of the absence! We will not accept excuses after 48 hours.

After 48 hours, any unverified absences will be rolled over and considered unexcused. The unexcused absence means that any work missed may not be made up; a conduct grade deduction will be given and the student may be assigned to detention. Any notes or phone calls made to excuse students after 48 hours will be referred to the appropriate administrator for approval (Mr. Rock at x2348, Mr.Flaa at x2325, or Mrs. Seboe at x2140) If you have any questions, you may call the Attendance Office at 336-8845, Extension 2144.

Your child calls from school and tells you they are sick: Tell them to go to the nurse's office to report the illness. The school nurse will call a parent for permission for the student to leave. The absence will not be excused until school personnel speak to a parent or guardian to excuse the child.

Your child needs to leave early or will arrive late: Call or have your child report to the attendance office with a note specifying the time and reason for the absence. Not all reasons are excusable. Please see pages 15-16 in the Greyhound Student-Parent Handbook/Calendar (given to all students at school) for a listing of acceptable absences.

You know of an absence days ahead of time: Send your child to the attendance office with a note stating the length of the absence and the reason. Work the student will miss during the absence must be arranged to be made up ahead of time, or credit may not be given. If the absence is for three or more days, the student will be given an Advanced Excuse form for their teachers to sign. When the student returns the form to the attendance office staff, the absences will be excused.


Only excuse absences that are necessary.

Try to schedule appointments outside of class time.

Emphasize the importance of attending school as you would a job-after all, this is in many ways the first job a student will have.



Course credit requirements include not only completion of all required course work, but also participation and interaction through regular and prompt attendance. Frequent absences lead to disruption of the instructional process for the individual student, the classroom teacher and other students in the class. For these reasons, a student who is absent more than eight (8) times (excused and/or unexcused) from any class during a semester may be denied credit for the course, subject to review and appeal procedures set forth in paragraph III-D in the Student Handbook.

Per district policy, a student having more than three (9) unexcused absences per class in a semester may be dropped from the course, given a permanent incomplete and assigned to a study hall. 

Click here for the complete ISD 709 Student Handbook.


Time Schedules

Regular Schedule

Zero Hour 8:07  - 8:55
Period 1 9:00 - 9:48
Period 2 9:53 - 10:41
WIN 10:46 - 11:16
Period 3 11:421 - 12:09
Period 4A GreyLunch 12:14 - 1:02
Period 4B Red Lunch 12:49 - 1:37
Period 5 1:42 - 2:31
Period 9 2:36 - 3:24
Red Lunch  12:14-12:44
Grey Lunch  1:07  - 1:37

Morning Pep Assembly (20 min.)

During WIN 10:46-11:16

Extended Assembly (40 min.)

Period 1 9:00 - 9:48
Period 2 9:53 - 10:26
Assembly - 10:36 - 11:16
Period 3 11:36 - 12:09
(Regular Schedule)
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