Duluth Public Schools launches strategic planning process

Duluth Public Schools Strategic Plan graphic with cartoon people holding hands

Duluth Public Schools will be launching a comprehensive strategic planning process later this month. The overall process and strategic plan will be created with significant input from district stakeholders focused on future system-wide enhancements to improve outcomes for all students. In doing so, The district will explicitly seek the voices of all perspectives, including those that are often underrepresented.

Throughout the strategic planning process, Duluth Public Schools will be partnering with TeamWorks International. TeamWorks is one of the leading organizations for strategic planning throughout Minnesota and has worked with districts across the country.

Most strategic plans start with what the board and administration envision, then implement that plan throughout their schools and individual classrooms. TeamWorks takes a much more student-centered approach, using their innovative "classroom to boardroom” process. With this method, students, families and parents first provide significant input to determine the types of desired daily experiences that we seek to create. It is then the district’s responsibility to enact the planning and strategies that will deliver those desired outcomes.

Invitations to listening sessions and other events with students, staff, and families will be sent out in the coming weeks. Four community listening sessions have also been scheduled for later this month and next.

For more information visit isd709.org/strategic-plan.