Boundary Planning Project, Duluth Public Schools  

This fall and winter, citizens will be asked to review information related to current school attendance areas and discuss potential changes.   


  • Consider adjustments that would help ensure enrollment numbers are appropriate for the capacity of each school. 
  • Provide the detailed data and analysis necessary to help make informed decisions.  The school district is working with Cooperative Strategies, a firm with expertise in helping school districts gather data, analyze and draft boundaries for public consideration.
  • Incorporate family, staff, community and underserved communities input into the decision making process.  

Most larger districts adjust boundaries every few years - it's been over ten years since Duluth made adjustments to boundaries.   

The earliest any boundary changes would take place is September 2020.

Those interested in participating in a work session or focus group are invited to call 218-336-8752 or email  

Current School Boundaries, Attendance Areas


October 15-16, 2019 Boundary Work Sessions

  • Three sets of meetings of about 25 people each, representing diverse stakeholder groups.
  • Use an interactive planning tool to create various boundary scenarios and explore the impacts of each.
  • Each set of meeting participants will break into small groups to create their own draft boundary scenario, with a total of ten to twelve rough draft scenarios created over the span of three meetings. 

Research and Analysis

  • School district personnel and consultant thoroughly analyze the impacts of rough draft scenarios.
  • Use results from the work sessions and analysis to identify draft scenarios for further exploration.

November 18-19, 2019 Focus Groups

  • Focus groups of about 15 people each, representing diverse stakeholder groups.
  • Review draft scenarios, discuss benefits, challenges, additional data required.
  • The Duluth School Board will meet publicly in November to review information as well.

Preparation for Community Meetings & Survey

  • Using input from focus groups, school district personnel and Cooperative Strategies determine viable scenarios to present to the community for feedback.
  • Information is prepared to take out to the community via online surveys and community meetings.

January 2020 Information Available Online

  • Draft scenarios are available for community review online.
  • Information includes maps and detailed impact analysis.
  • Feedback immediately available through online survey.

January 22-23, 2020 Community Meetings

  • Presentation of  scenarios and impact.
  • Opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions.
  • Online materials and survey are also available.

Preparation of Recommended Boundary Scenario

  • Using input from online surveys and community meetings, draft a recommended boundary scenario.
  • Prepare information for posting online and for presentation to the Duluth School Board.
February or March 2020
  • Post recommended boundary scenario and detailed information online for community review.
  • Public meeting with Duluth School Board to present recommended boundary scenario and detailed information. 
  • Public meeting (regular monthly meeting or special meeting) for Duluth School Board vote to accept recommended boundary.