2018 Duluth Education Levy Referendum

Tuesday November 6, 2018

On Tuesday November 6, Duluth citizens voted in favor of Questions 1 and 2, renewing and increasing Duluth's Education Levy for ten years. Question 3 missed passing by a slim margin.  Many thanks to Duluth voters and to the citizens group, teachers, staff and community members who worked on this campaign to support education in Duluth.

The proposed questions take into consideration community priorities and goals identified through Think Kids, community survey results gathered this summer and Duluth’s World’s Best Workforce Plan. 

Question 1: Renewal

  • Maintain current levy investment of 16-18 full-time teacher positions to support class size
  • This does not result in a property tax increase

Question 2: Class Size

  • Adds approximately 25 teachers district-wide to manage class size, increase site funding for specific supports based on needs, support financial stability
  • Increase of $8.64 per month for the average home*

Question 3: Update Classroom Technology Across the District

  • Provide students and teachers with devices and infrastructure, staff development, curriculum support and upgrades
  • Additional Increase of $5.03 per month for the average home*

*Average Duluth Home $150,000

See estimates for different home values, find out how each levy question would impact your property taxes.


The proposed referendum revenue authorization is for ten years.

Our Schools.  Our Community.  Our Future.

Prepared and paid for by ISD 709, 215 N. First Avenue East Duluth, MN 55802. This publication is circulated to apprise voters of facts pertinent to the referendum proposal. This publication is not circulated on behalf of any candidate or ballot question.