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Special Education Training 2022-2023 # of Items

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Fall Training for 2022

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END of 2022 Training Materials

Special Education Training 2021-2022

END of 2021 Training Materials

MDE Sept. 1st, 2020

MDE Oct 26th, 2020

District Website and Forms Video

SpEd Forms Introductory Video

SpEd Forms Distance Learning Tutorial

Stand Alone Progress Report for Non-SpEd Forms IEP Transfers

Use Your Chromebook as a Scanner

Clear Web Browser Cache and Cookies (Google Chrome)

Take a Partial ScreenShot on Chromebook to Paste into Email

Chromebook Screen Recording Now Built-In! (Not Available Till After MCA Testing)

Prefer Home Internet Network on Chromebook

Default PDF Viewer on Microsoft Windows Desktops (when you can't Edit a PDF that's fillable)

Troubleshoot Network Connection In-Meeting (Google Meet)

2nd Page of PWN (Prior Written Notice) Staff Names

SpEd Forms "Goal Graphing"