Quick Copy - Submitting Hardcopy, PDF and Web Docs

Listed below you can find the Quick Copy "How To Guides" for submitting Hardcopy, PDF and Web Doc orders. 

Before going to Print WebDesk, please organize your materials (Hardcopies, PDFs, Google Docs, Wonders, ThinkCentral or Websites). PDFs saved on your Google Drive should be downloaded to your computer AND then submitted by selecting the PDF option (do not use Web Doc option).  Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader (and not the Print WebDesk pdf viewer) to organize your Wonders resources (i.e. page counts or specific page numbers).

You must submit a separate order for 1 page docs (1 sided 1 sheet), a separate order for 2 page docs (2 sided 1 sheet or 1 sided 2 sheets) and a separate order for 3+ page docs. 

If submitting more than one document per order, please submit ONLY docs that will SHARE the same print specs (i.e. number of copies, 1 sided or 2 sided, stapled, 3 hole punch and paper color). If any specs are different, please submit a separate order for each type of document (ex. one doc is 1 sided on white and another is 2 sided on pink).