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Please click the link on the left to access the Print Shop web submission process. 

  • You can still submit hardcopies of materials to be printed.
  • However, if you have digital files (i.e. Word) PDF is the only file format now accepted. If you have a Microsoft Office file (Word / Publisher / Excel / Powerpoint), please save a PDF copy of your original document from within Microsoft Office by selecting File>Save As>Save as type>PDF.
  • If you have a graphic file (jpg, gif, tiff, etc.), open a blank Publisher document, select Insert>Picture, locate your graphic file and insert. Then size and position it, save the Publisher document and save a PDF copy.
  • Before uploading, please review your PDF page by page to make sure everything saved correctly from your Microsoft Office file. Please note that Google Docs do not need to be converted to PDF.

Print WebDesk is the method of submitting copy and print requests. Whether you submit digital or hardcopy requests that are chargeable or nonchargeable, Print Webdesk will provide a single portal for all requests.

Before registering, please review the help guides (see link above) and then click the registration link on the help guides page. In the appropriate fields, please provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • School or Site
  • Position at Site
  • District Four Digit Phone Extension (District Phone if No Extension)
  • District Gmail Account
  • Special Instructions in case you need to communicate a message

An email will be sent to you with your registration information. Once approved, you will receive a second email explaining you are ready to log-in.

Please do not mix document sizes. Submit only 1 page documents together, 2 page documents together, and 3+ page documents together. All documents in your order must share the same print specs (i.e. quantity, paper color, 1 or 2 sided, 3-hole punch, stapling, etc.). Three document sizes require three separate copy requests unless all attachments will be treated as a single stapled or collated project. Please note that each attachment is considered a separate project unless you specify in Special Instructions "Treat attachments as a single project."

See Important Note above. Before starting your submission, gather your materials together by document size and print specs. Under Quick Copy, select the appropriate document size labeled with "Hardcopy". Remember to count how many pages you have in your order. Enter this number in "# of Originals." Please keep your submissions to manageable sizes. Do not pack an entire semester's or year's worth of printing into a single order. Break the material down into smaller more manageable orders with different deadlines. After entering your project's specs, print a "Job Ticket" and send it with your hardcopies.

Limit 10 files per order (See Important Note above). The PDF Doc option is for uploading PDFs to your order only. PDFs stored on your Google Drive or on the Wonders website must be downloaded to your computer so you can attach them to your job ticket. Microsoft Office files must be saved as a PDF before uploading (File>Save As>Save as Type>PDF). Please remember to enter the number of pages your PDF contains or you plan on printing.

Limit 10 files per order (See Important Note above). The Web Doc option is for Google and general website documents only. Do not use this option for PDFs stored on your Google Drive or the Wonders website. You must download your PDFs to your computer so you can attach them to your job ticket. GOOGLE DOC: In Special Instructions, type "1 Google Doc" or "2 Google Docs" or "3 Google Docs", etc (up to 10 docs), finish your order and note the job ticket number. Create a new browser tab, locate your Google Doc(s) and then share your file(s) with Printshop.Orders and enter the job ticket number in "Add a Note" section below the share field. WEBSITES: In Special Instructions, paste the link. Before submitting, have your site approved by the Technology Department.

This category should be sufficient for most submissions. Begin your submission by selecting the appropriate document type - PDF (including Wonders website resources), Web (Google docs or general websites), or Hardcopy. Each option is preset for white 8.5x11 (black ink) projects. You can also choose color paper, stapling, three hole punch, and cutting. See above for additional information on submitting different document types.

This category has additional offerings for black copies including more sizes and paper choices, booklets (and newsletters), comb binding, and NCR forms. You can also submit color copies, large format posters, business cards, envelopes, pads, permit stickers, postcards and tickets. Please note many of these services are chargeable. See above for additional information on submitting different document types.

Office staff in schools, program sites, and HOCHS departments can order cartons of white 8.5x11 paper through this option. District forms can now be ordered through the store as well. Please email the Print Shop so a designated code can be assigned to your profile for district form submissions. Minimum order for paper is 1 carton (10 reams/5000 sheets). Please keep orders for paper and orders for district forms separate.

Teachers submitting nonchargeable requests must be registered under their site name with the "CR" designation. To verify, login and click "My Profile" to see if your site is the correct one. You can then proceed with your request. Once you reach the final step, under "Account" you must select 00-000-000-000-000-139802 to finish the submission process. If you know the request will be chargeable, see "Chargeable Requests" for more information on how to proceed.

Staff members (Office, Media, Activities, and Department) submitting chargeable requests will need to select the appropriate print code in the final step under "Account" to submit their request. If your student activity account number or site's print code is not listed, please contact the Print Shop to have it added. If you are not already preapproved, your request will then be sent your site's designated approver. Once approved the request will be processed. 

Teachers submitting chargeable requests must select the appropriate print code from the "Account" menu in the final step. If your student activity account number or site's print code is not listed, please contact the Print Shop to have it added. If you are unsure select your site's primary print code. The Print Shop will review your order and provide an estimate. If you would like the estimate, please note this in "Special Instructions" in your order. If you are not already preapproved, the Print Shop will email your order to your site's designated approver. Once approved your request will be processed.

Chargeable examples for teachers include (but not limited to) the following: parent letters/communications, permission slips, field trip materials (ex. Duluth Zoo, Great Lakes Aquarium, Wolf Ridge, River Quest, Tomato Man, Young Authors), school/student organization/community fundraisers, school/student planners, school yearbooks, anthologies of student work (ex. stories, artwork, poetry, cookbooks), student sport/club/organization flyers, forms, posters, programs, and tickets. Teacher materials that involve color printing, padding, or comb binding, printed on cardstock, NCR, certain color stocks, or as large format are also chargeable requests.