Life Insurance

The District offers Basic life insurance through Madison National Life for benefit eligible employees.  The amount that is offered is determined by each Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  Please refer to your CBA for eligibility and benefit guidelines.  

In addition, many benefit eligible employees may purchase Supplement life insurance (also determined by each CBA), and all benefit eligible employees may purchase Dependent life insurance.  Both the Basic and Supplemental life insurance contain AD&D, which doubles the amount should you die in an accident.  To review the Basic life insurance and optional Supplemental amounts and rates, please refer to the Rate Sheet.  

Should you not have the maximum amount of Supplemental life insurance, you may apply to increase the amount during the Fall Open Enrollment period.  NOTE:  Any change to your supplemental life insurance after initial enrollment will be subject to Evidence of Insurability.

You may change your beneficiary information at anytime.  

For more detailed information, please review the information below or contact the District's Benefits Coordinator at (218) 336-8723.