CVS Caremark Prescription Information

CVS Caremark is the prescription company that provides prescription coverage for benefit eligible employees and retirees who are enrolled in the Public Employees Insurance Program (PEIP).  It is very important when getting a prescription filled that you provide your pharmacy with your CVS Caremark card.  

Prescription co-pays for a 30-day supply are as follows:

  • $18.00 - Tier One (Generic)
  • $30.00 - Tier Two (Formulary)
  • $55.00 - Tier Three (Non-Formulary)

Please consult with your physician for the most cost efficient prescription drug options.  

There is a mail order program for prescriptions as well.  You can receive up to a ninety (90) day supply of certain maintenance medications through mail-order pharmacies.  For mail order, you pay two (2) co-pays for a ninety (90) day supply of these drugs.  For more detailed information, please review the links below or call CVS Caremark at 844-205-8475.

CVS Caremark - Click HERE

CVS Caremark Drug Cost Tool - Click HERE

CVS Caremark Brochure - Click HERE