Information from PEIP Related to COVID-19 Coverage

Costs are fully covered for COVID-19 testing and test-related care. Starting on March 18, we will cover the full costs of a COVID-19 test or testing-related care (such as primary care visit) for you and covered family members. You will not be responsible for any copays, coinsurance, or costs toward your deductible. Remember, COVID-19 testing is limited, so make sure you meet the requirements and call before you go in for testing.
Reminder: Use free online care for common illnesses or COVID-19 screening. As a part of your benefits you receive free online care visits. This allows you to discuss your condition with a health care provider and make a treatment plan from the safety and convenience of your home, whether it's related to COVID-19 or common illnesses, such as sinus infections. Use your health plan administrator's designated vendor to access these services. 
  • BlueCross BlueShield members: use Doctor on Demand or virtuwell
  • HealthPartners member: use Doctor on Demand or virtuwell
  • PreferredOne: use MDLive or virtuwell
PEIP's pharmacy benefit manager, CVS Caremark, has implemented an emergency override that will allow members the option for a one-time emergency refill of a 30-day supply of medication.
Please feel free to contact your carrier (BCBS, Health Partners or PreferredOne) directly with coverage questions by calling the number on the back of your ID cards.