Welcome to Misaabekong Ojibwe Language Immersion Program Resource Page!

Here you will find language and curriculum resources to assist you in fostering Ojibwe language skills for your student and your family.


Ojibwe 101


Bepeshinidiwin (Freeze Tag)

Basikawebishkige-ataadiwin (Soccer Game)

Aaniin ezhichigeng? (What Is She/He Doing?)

Gidaa-Wiidookaw Ina? (Can You Help Me?)

Aandi gidoozhibii'iganaatig? (Where Is Your Pencil?)



Registration is now open for 2018-2019 school year!!

Enrollment is ongoing, but families with students entering kindergarten or first grade are encouraged to submit completed applications before May 15 for preferred placement.
Misaabekong Ojibwe Immersion Program Application and Information


Misaabekong Ojibwe Language Immersion Program

Lowell Elementary School - 2000 Rice Lake Road, Duluth, MN  55811 - 218.336.8895

Edye Howes-Coordinator American Indian Education - 218.336.8700   x1152