Department of Curriculum and Instruction Staff Listings

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Gail Netland

Gail Netland
(218) 336-8700 x1036

Executive Assistant
Joan Lancour
(218) 336-8711
Fax (218) 336-8788

Curriculum Specialists

Art - Visual and Media Arts
Debra Hannu
(218) 336-8700 x4130
Visual and Media Arts web page

Career and Tech Education
Bradley Vieths
CTE web page

English Language Arts & Reading
Heather Harvick
(218) 336-8711 x2233
ELA and Reading web page

Health & Physical Education
Laura LaFontaine
Health and PE web page

Immersion/ELL Specialist
Crystal Goldman
(218) 336-8700 ext. 1166
Nueva Visión Spanish Immersion Program

Tammi Wilkins
(218) 336-8700 x1119

Patti Bambenek
(218) 336-8700 x1037
Math web page

Teri L. Akervik
(218) 336-8700 x1035
Music web page

Aaron Salmela
(218) 336-8700 x4143
Science web page

Social Studies
Susan Schmidt
(218) 336-8700 x2037
Social Studies web page

World Language
Laurie Kovacovic
(218) 336-8830 x1298


E Squared (previously named Gifted and Talented) 
Katie Greene
(218) 336-8700
E Squared web page

Office of Education Equity
William Howes, Coordinator
(218) 336-8700 x1046
Office of Education Equity web page 

Office Support Specialist - Office of Education Equity
Patty Paquette
(218) 336-8700 x1045

Office of American Indian Education
Edye Howes, Coordinator
(218) 336-8700 x1152
Office of American Indian Education web page 

Office Support Specialist - Office of American Indian Education 
Stephanie Williams
(218) 336-8700 x1152

Office of Federal Programs 
Darren Sheldon, Coordinator
(218) 336-8700 x1043
Office of Federal Programs web page 

Office Support Staff - Office of Federal Program 
Stephainie Williams 
(218) 336-8700

Bart Smith, Manager
(218) 336-8700 x1136
Technology web page

Office Support Staff - Technology 
Mikilia Carroll, Support Specialist
(218) 336-8700