Curriculum & Instruction


The Department of Curriculum and Instruction supports the district aim of High Achievement for All. We are dedicated to the goal of providing a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all Duluth Public School students.  We believe that all children can learn at high levels when offered quality learning opportunities.

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Elementary Curriculum

K-5 classrooms provide instruction aligned to state standards in Mathematics, English-Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Health. Students are evaluated on their learning through a variety of benchmark, formative, and summative assessments based on standards. Communication regarding progress is provided in the form of standards-based report cards. Mathematics curriculum is based on the Math Expressions curriculum. English Language-Arts follows the Wonders program. Duluth Public Schools adopted the Reading Wonders 2017 series to be implemented in grades K-5. This reading series is part of a balanced literacy model. "Balanced Literacy" must include instruction in the essential components of read (NRP 2000): oral language, phonological awareness, phonics/decoding, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.

Elementary students receive standards-based content instruction in art, music, and physical education through specialists on an 8-day rotation basis. 

Additional information regarding curriculum, standards and grading can be found on the Grading and Reporting page. 


Secondary Curriculum 

6-12 students are provided content through a six-period day schedule that includes mathematics, English, science, social studies, music, art, health, physical education, world languages, and career-technical education. Grading and reporting of progress in the secondary grades is through a traditional A-F report card system. Students and families can track progress through our course management system, Canvas

Additional information regarding curriculum, standards and grading can be found on the Grading and Reporting page.  To view graduation requirements and a complete list of courses, please refer to the 6-12 Course Catalogs.

Accessing Curriculum Documents  (Staff Only) 

Are you a teacher in the Duluth Public Schools and want to know how to access curriculum documents? 

You can access content for your grade level or course by selecting "Shared Drives" in your Google Drive. Then, select "Curriculum and Instruction PERMANENT Drive." Items are found by content area. This drive also contains hub documents in which you can find quick links to various documents like pacing guides, etc. 

If you are having trouble accessing documents, please contact the curriculum office or a content specialist.