Data Requests

Data Request Policy

Downloadable Data Request Form

To return the completed request form:
Fax: 218.336.8773
U. S. Mail or In Person to 4316 Rice Lake Road, Suite 108, Duluth, MN 55811.

How to Request Public Data

A member of the public who wants to look at (inspect) public data, or request copies of public data is required to submit a written data request.  A member of the public may use the Data Request Form or submit a written request including the following information:

  • State that the request is for public data under the Government Data Practices Act (Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13);
  • Specify whether the request is to inspect public data, obtain copies of public data, or both;
  • A clear description of the data to be inspected or copied;
  • Please include date spans if applicable.

Individuals requesting public data are not required to identify themselves, nor to explain the reason for the data request.  It may be necessary to provide the School District with personal information for practical reasons (such as, if copies are to be mailed to the individual’s address).  In the event that the School District does not understand the request, it will need a means to contact the individual making the request.