Copyright Information

3190 - Copyright Policy Statement   It is the intent of the School District to adhere to the provisions of state and federal copyright laws.  The following procedures represent a sincere effort to comply with the law:

  1. Only legal copies of copyrighted materials may be made or used on school equipment.
  2. Any illegal copying of any School District-owned copyrighted materials is prohibited.
  3. The Superintendent is responsible for distributing to all school employees a written copy of this policy.  The principal of each building is responsible for establishing practices which support this policy at the building level.
  4. Employees who violate copyright laws do so at their own risk.

Legal copies are those that follow copyright laws pertaining to specific materials.  Guidelines for legal copying are contained in Regulation 3190R.  Note:  A user may be able to obtain legal copies by requesting permission from the holder of the copyright.Adopted:  1-16-90   ISD 709
Revised: 6-20-95


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