Look below for links to classes and teachers. Teachers are teaching in a Hybrid Model unless otherwise noted.  Click this LINK for a list of phone extensions and email addresses for all Congdon Park Staff.

Mrs. Forbort
Mrs. Gates
Mrs. Hietala
Mrs. Baker/Ms. Westerberg (Distance Learning)

Grade 1
Mrs. Burger (Distance Learning)
Mrs. Fisher
Mrs. Hall
Mrs. Pilate

Grade 2
Mrs. Cuneo
Ms. Lemons (Distance Learning)
Mrs. Kolar
Mrs. Sundland (AM)/Mrs. Boyhtari (PM)


Grade 3
Ms. Bergman
Mrs. Kelley
Mrs. Norton
Ms. Rudolph (Distance Learning)

Grade 4
Ms. Gilbertson (Distance Learning)
Mrs. Huibregtse
Ms. Velander
Mrs. Westerberg

Grade 5
Mrs. Boyson
Mrs. Edmunds (Distance Learning) 
Mr. Kopp
Mrs. Lofstuen

Mr. Copas, Physical Education (Hybrid only)
Ms. Vallie, Physical Education (Distance Learning only)
Mr. Garland, Music Specialist (Hybrid and Distance Learning)
Ms. Ellingson, Art Specialist (Hybrid and Distance Learning)
Mrs. Miller, Media Specialist (Hybrid and Distance Learning)


SEL: Social Emotional Learning