ISD 709 Automotive Program - Vehicle Donation

Thank you for your interest in donating a car or light truck to the ISD 709 Automotive Technology program.  

Vehicles donated to this “hands-on” Career & Technical Education program help Denfeld and Duluth East High School students learn the skills they need to enter the high-tech field of automotive repair:

  • Live on-car diagnostic and repair work on computer controlled electrical and brake systems
  • Applying engine theory
  • Construction, diagnosis, computer, fuel and ignition systems, steering and suspension systems, and wheel alignment
  • Students learn how to service various systems using proper technical skills 
  • They are encouraged to participate in job shadowing and/or an internship at a local repair facility.

Automotive Youth Education System (AYES) curriculum is utilized and the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) Certification Program is implemented.

Please review the following criteria for donation carefully - not all vehicles are suitable for this program:

  • Cars in a garagePassenger cars and light trucks need to be 1996 or newer to have educational value
  • The current owner must possess a clear “Title” with no Open Liens or Holds
  • Vehicles with a “Salvage” or “Reconstructed” Title may require supporting documentation to ensure the safety of all.
  • Rusted out or structurally compromised vehicles will not be accepted.  If you think the car is unsafe, please do not make the donation, and choose to have the car recycled.
  • ISD 709 Duluth Public schools reserves the right to reject any donations based on safety or environmental concerns.
  • Vehicles in need of mechanical or electrical repair are gladly accepted to provide live work experience for student learning. 

Paperwork, tax documents:

  • Persons wishing to donate must provide a letter stating that the donated vehicle becomes the exclusive property of ISD709 Duluth Public Schools. The letter must also state that the donating party makes no claim, holds, reservations, or conditions connected to the donation of said vehicle.
  • After the donated vehicle has been accepted by both the Automotive Program and the School Board, the donating party will receive tax documents.  Sample letters and instructions on determining value of the donation will be shared at any time before the actual donation occurs.   

Questions? Interested in donating a vehicle?  Please contact Stuart Soland, instructor for the ISD 709 High School Automotive Program (located at Denfeld High School).  Call 218-336-8830 ext. 4081, or email