Workbased Learning Opportunities: We GET to Work!

ISD 709’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) program is designed to help students gain core skills needed and requested by employers in our region.

While we strive to promote and teach these skills, students will only experience their full importance and meaning in a job-setting. That's where our Workbased Learning Programs come into play.

ISD 709 Work-Based Programs help students gain the following:

"Soft Skills" or "Foundational Skills"

Employers say they want workers who can see the big picture, solve problems, are good communicators and team players.

"Even when the applicant has good qualifications, they are hired based on personality and soft skills."

"Communication is as important as technical skills." 

"Employees need to understand] new ways to look at business and need to be innovative."

"Customer service orientation, basic work expectations such as being on time, professional dress, following rules and procedures, etc., are all lacking [in the people we see.]"

"Finding the right technical skills, combined with the ability to communicate and collaborate with business partners, is the biggest challenge."

Hands-On Experience

Employers say new graduates and career changers will be much more marketable and valuable if they have gained practical experience while going to school.

"Some kind of experience, such as an internship, is critical."

Students should have 'ride alongs' or job shadowing to gain exposure to the job."

Manufacturers would like to see graduates with a little more background in working on the machines, more hands-on experience."

[We] look for those who have had internships."

"It's important for colleges [schools] to provide fellowships, externships, and residency programs to aid in transition from student to employee."

"We need to figure out how to partner with each other, and how to support these institutions to reach down and get more kids to consider these types of jobs."

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ISD 709 Workbased Program Opportunities:

Job Shadow: For students to explore careers in a shortened event. By working with our Career Centers, Students will be given the opportunity to spend any amount of time -- Less than 40 hours -- at a given location or industry. The goal here is to help connect the student to experience what a 'day-in-the-life' really is like in their potential career.

Career Development Internship: For students who have proven industry-based skills. These are students who have completed at least 2 CTE courses in a given program of study and have proven to the instructor the aptitude to succeed at the workplace. Often the CTE instructor, Career Center, or WBL Coordinator will help set up this experience. The goal of this program is that the student gains exposure to all facets of the industry through the employer. Students will be expected to work a minimum of 95 hours (paid or unpaid) and complete the online Seminar course. Prior to enrollment students must meet with the district's WBL coordinator and complete all expectations, training agreements, and log-ins.

  • Approval and Recommendation from CTE Instructor
  • Enroll in Seminar
  • Filed all Training Agreements, Learning Plans, and paperwork
  • Worked with WBL Coordinator to locate and secure potential Internship Assignment.

Workbased Learning Disadvantaged: This program helps students who meet At-Risk criteria to explore and retain employment and in return gain high school graduation credit. Students enrolled in this program have the option of taking the Career Basics (Seminar) course online or seat-based through AEO and/or ALC. The primary focus in this program gaining entry-level job skills and explore topics such as budgeting, resume writing, interview skills, working with coworkers. Prior to enrollment students must meet with the district's WBL coordinator and complete all expectations, training agreements, and log-ins.

  • Work Experience Seminar 1 - Students work through a variety of topics based on entry-level skills such as, applying for a job, managing life and work, interview basics, safety and labor law. Students are required to either attend the seat-based option or a minimum of 19 hours of contact with the WBL Coordinator for online students.
  • Work Experience Internship (1-4) - Students who participate in the internship are required to enroll in the seminar and no work hours will be logged prior to seminar enrollment. Once the student meets the criteria for enrollment students can be logging hours. .5 credits will be awarded based on 95 hours of employment.

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Registered Apprenticeships: A structured way of learning a skilled occupation, combining on-the-job training with classroom instruction.

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