Explore Careers

Are you unsure of what you want to do during or after high school?

Career and Technical Education may be a good opportunity for you.  

High school is time to explore possibilities, develop life-long skills, and use hands-on learning to produce tangible products. Here's a great place to start:

I have no idea what career I would be good at or what I want to do.
I think I know what I'm good at but am not sure what I want to do.

Want some Ideas?

Some times it is difficult to create a true path or know what is out there?  ISD709 Duluth Public Schools has many options but NOT all.  As you explore your future, it is key to look at all sorts of options beyond "How much do you make?"  Questions to consider often could be:

  • How did you get your job?
  • What is truly required?
  • What does the day typically look like?
  • What advice would you give?
  • And many MANY more. . . 

This section is for you.  For all of ISD709's program there are videos that help explain what is out there and what jobs we offer, but if you are looking for more.  Check out Khan Academies Career and Personal Finance library.  This is a great starting point to hear from young professionals doing what you might have interest in.


Careers and Personal Finance by Khan Academy

Khan Academy