Graphic Arts and Digital Design

Students explore digital design and communication careers through hands-on use of industry-based software utilized in advertising, design and layout.

Students apply and contextualize art concepts for client and business needs to provide an authentic learning environment and career connections. They learn basic and advanced skills in the Adobe Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Acrobat for business purposes.


  • Graphic Arts Digital Design 1:  Students explore communication technology careers including pre­press, offset printing, silkscreen, finishing work, and quality control. Extensive “hands­on” class using computers, scanners, offset printing presses, silk screens and other equipment found in the graphic arts industry. Students envision, design, and use resources to create, assemble, and deploy a finished project. Software use includes current industry standard, Adobe Creative Suite ­ InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash. Units include paste­up, silk screening, scratch pads, elements of design, typography, small space ads, digital photography and poster design. Troubleshoot equipment including computers and printers. Produce real­world work for high school: posters, flyers, advertisements.
  • Graphic Arts Digital Design 2:  Course includes in­-depth study of communication technology career paths. Units include color theory, 2-­sided offset printing, tiling poster, ink mixing, business portfolios, rubber stamps, 2-color silk screening, spot colors, and poster design. Use digital and video cameras. Students create presentations using sound and motion. Troubleshoot equipment including computers, printers, scanners, offset presses. Produce real ­world work for high school: staff business cards, school scratch pads, and promotion of school events.
  • Graphic Arts Digital Design 3: This upper ­level course is a continuation of the skills learned in Graphic Arts 1 and 2. Students will prepare advanced multi­color projects for offset and silkscreen printing. Troubleshoot equipment including network issues, computers, printers, scanners, offset presses. Produce real ­world work for high schools and community.

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