Educational Careers

This career cluster offers two main pathways for students to explore.  Both encourage students to delve into the variety of pathways Educational Careers can provide.  Programs are offered to students attending Duluth East and Denfeld.


Child Development/Child Psychology
Courses provide experience and exploration into the various stages of human development from pre-natal to adolescence.  Students not only get to learn theories and principals of child psychology. They get to practice and apply those in realworld settings at various childhood centers around the city of Duluth.

Early Childhood and Education:

  • This course is a lab preschool setting with lecture and covers topics from birth through school aged children. Students will mentor a preschooler for the year and learn about child development, safety, guidance, theory, and best practices, teach basic curriculum, conduct observations, and earn hours towards industry certification through lab days.

Infant and Toddler Development:

  • This course is designed to prepare students for careers and experiences working with infant and toddler-aged children. It is a community based course with on site instruction and certification hours of practicum experience. Learn development, guidance, theory, growth, typical and atypical development, resources, safety, and effects of prenatal through postnatal development. This course includes a variety of guest speakers, training and reflection journals, and a discussion panel format. Learn techniques for cognitive, behavioral and social development of newborn through toddler-aged children.

Earn While You Learn
Students enrolled in this program not only have opportunities for leadership in our FCCLA student club, but many students also have earned jobs at local centers, clubs, and after-school locations to build their resumes for their future careers in education.

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Registered Apprenticeships
A structured way of learning a skilled occupation, combining on-the-job training with classroom instruction.

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