Business, Marketing, and Finance

Business, Marketing, and Finance

People in this career cluster provide the support needed to make a business run; advertising, marketing, budget analysis and management, accounting, human resources, customer service, research, the list goes on. There are many types of jobs at all levels.

Marketing Course Sequence:

  • Introduction to Marketing and Business: This course is the entry to all marketing courses and involves the many activities needed to get products/services from producers to consumers. It's one of the most exciting and vital career areas you could ever expire. This class is a must for all students who plan on succeeding in our very competitive Free Enterprise System. Students will be exposed to Marketing/Business, Economics and Human Relations. Activities will help students apply all of the marketing and business functions and relate them to any career opportunity. In addition, you will learn advanced skills in locating, applying for, and keeping a job. 

Marketing Progressive Courses: These courses can be completed in any order after the Introduction to Marketing and Business has been completed. These courses can also be taken concurrently if the student's schedule allows.

  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing: Sports and Entertainment is now a $500 billion industry, the Sports and Entertainment industry has become a dominant presence not only in the U.S., but also in the rest of the world. The Sports and Entertainment Industry encompasses everything from digital communications to personal service and sales. Students will learn the fundamental principles and concepts identified with Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and develop skills through marketing research and actual industry based projects. Students will also have the opportunity to plan, implement and evaluate school and community Sports and Entertainment Marketing practices and strategies.
  • Business Management, Leadership, Coaching: Marketing and Business Management gives students insight into the characteristics, organization, and operation of business, management and leadership.This class will give any student, whether planning to go on to school or work after graduation, the edge in the job market. To be successful in the global and diverse workplace, students must develop communication, human relations, self-management, and workplace enhancement skills. More than ever before, merely being technically competent is not sufficient. 
  • Starting Your Own Business-Entrepreneurship:  An Entrepreneur is a person who attempts to earn a profit by taking the risk of operating their own business enterprise. Thousands of people become entrepreneurs each year. They start their own businesses from scratch, buy existing businesses, or buy franchised business; if they are successful in providing products and services to consumers at a profit, they will build rewarding careers for themselves as entrepreneurs. This class will help you understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur and what is involved in starting a business. Economics will be emphasized in this class.

**Students wishing to receive Economics credit MUST complete all four Marketing courses in order for credit to be awarded**

Business Finance Courses:

Accounting: This individualized self ­directed course covers the basic accounting cycle for service, and merchandising businesses organized as sole proprietorships and partnerships. Topics include the analysis of business transactions in a variety of journals and the preparation of financial reports. This course is a must for students interested in a business degree after high school. It is also a foundation course for students planning on opening their own business or who plan on managing their own business.

Business and Personal Finance:  Students will gain the ability to manage their personal finances and make wise economic decisions. Areas explored include budget planning, banking, tax returns, investing, consumer credit, insurance, and career exploration. This course will help students become intelligent decision ­makers in a global economy.

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Typical Education Required

Average Wage

Advertising and Promotions Managers

Bachelor's degree


Art Directors

Bachelor's degree


Marketing Managers

Bachelor's degree


Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

Bachelor's degree


Related Careers:
Finance & Accounting


Typical Education Required

Average Wage

Budget Analysts

Bachelor's degree


Cost Estimators

Bachelor's degree


Financial Analysts

Bachelor's degree


Financial Managers

Bachelor's degree


Purchasing Agents

High school diploma or equivalent


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