Automotive and Engines

A program of distinction, the only Automotive Service Excellence Education Foundation  (ASEEF) and National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified high school program in the region.

Each course covers specific topics and provides an opportunity for students to earn industry-based ASEEF Certification in that area - completion of all required courses and four ASEEF Certifications provides a direct path toward a career or other post-secondary options in the mechanical field. The ASEEF is the student proficency certifications that allow students to transition to full ASE credentially through work and college.

Students are encouraged to participate in a successful and active SkillsUSA team with industry partnerships, internships and an opportunity to earn scholarships.The program teaches the safety, environmental, technical and hands-on skills necessary for job shadowing, summer internships, entry-level employment, and college articulation. 

Programs are offered to students attending Denfeld and Duluth East - courses are located at Denfeld, transportation is provided to Duluth East students to and from the Denfeld campus.

Introductory Courses: Can be taken in either order. Content is transferable but not required to be successful. Provides the baseline for advanced courses that follow.

  • Automotive Basics: Engines and Brakes -  How to repair properly automobile electrical and brake systems.  Students will be challenged to diagnose problems in the electrical and brake systems using meters, analyzers, and computers.
  • Automotive Basics: Transmission and Suspension - Covers basic engine theory, construction, diagnosis, as well as computer, fuel and ignition systems and steering and suspension systems.  Students will learn how to service these various systems using proper technical skills

Advanced  Courses: Students must complete an introductory course and be in good standing. It's preferable that students complete both introductory courses prior to enrolling in advanced courses. Students wishing to enroll in an advanced course prior to completing both introductory courses must have instructor approval. Advanced courses are taught during the same block so content is often intertwined between the courses.

  • Automotive Diagnostics and Electrical - Students work at an advanced level in the automotive shop using test equipment and doing live on-car diagnostic and repair work on computer controlled electrical and brake systems.  Students who meet specific criteria may participate in job shadowing and/or an internship at a local repair facility.
  • Automotive Engines and Performance - Covers advanced engine theory, construction, diagnosis, as well as computer, fuel and ignition systems, steering and suspension systems, and wheel alignment.  Students will learn how to service various systems using the proper technical skills and are encouraged to participate in job shadowing and/or an internship at a local repair facility.


Industry-Related Certifications:

Automobile Technician, Brakes – ASEEF

Automobile Technician, Electrical/Electronic Systems - ASEEF

Automobile Technician, Engine Performance - ASEEF

Automobile Technician, Suspension and Steering - ASEEF


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