Aerospace Physics

This career cluster directly ties to our Engineering Design program.  The course focuses on Physics as well as the science of flight. Students who want to explore careers in aviation, avionics, manufacturing and drone science are perfect candidates for this program.  

Aerospace Physics is designed for students who like hands-on problem solving, collaborative teamwork and creatively finding solutions. The course uses problem based learning to enhance study of flight theory, airplane design and airplane construction/manufacturing.

Programs are offered to students attending Duluth East and Denfeld.


  • Tours of the local aviation campus at Lake Superior College; tours and collaboration with Cirrus and AAR; tours of the airport flight control tours and Superior Helicopters
  • Flight simulator time at LSC and working with remote Control simulators at each high school
  • For the course  final project, students will collaboratively use physics and engineering principles to design a model aircraft, build it and fly it.

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