Career Clusters, Programs

Career Clusters are broad categories in the workforce. These "clusters" branch into specific careers.  Duluth Public Schools Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are based on this premise. 

ISD 709 currently offers programs in all nationally recognized "clusters."  Each is meant to help focus students into career pathways that fit their personality and academic interests.


Current ISD 709 CTE programs:

Agriculture & Forestry:      
Sustainable plant sciences, horticulture, and natural resource management

Automotive & Engines:    
The inner workings of automobiles. Students can earn NATEF and  ASE certification

Aerospace Physics:     
Applies state physics standards into a hands-on, problem-based, educational setting. Designed and tied into Lake Superior College's Aviation program, Duluth Aviation Institute, and local industry needs

Business, Marketing & Finance: 
Leadership, accounting, entrepreneurship, 21st century media and personal marketing

Construction Trades:      
Skills in construction, electrical work, basic plumbing, and on-site building experience

Educational Careers:     
Careers available in education and human services

Engineering & Design:      
Based on MIT Fablab, focused on computerized drafting, 3D prototyping, engineering: mechanical, architecture, industrial, manufacturing and  innovation

Graphic Design & Digital Arts: 
Computer designed print, art, screenprinting, advertising, and digital communication

Health Occupations:
Health care services. Students earn First Aid/CPR certification and may also earn CNA license through completion of program and clinical experiences.

Hospitality & Tourism:    
Professional culinary arts & restaurant services. Students may earn certifications in ServSafe and NRAEF Prostart



Know Your WHY's


Besides teaching content that directly leads to career, Duluth Public Schools Career and Technical Education program prides itself in providing students transferable job skills that will assist them in whatever their future holds.

Our program is based on National Career and Technical Education Common Core career skills: 

  • Academic Foundations
  • Communications
  • Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Technology Applications
  • Organizational & Global Systems
  • Safety, Health & Environment;
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Ethics & Legal Responsibilities;
  • Career Development, Employability & Citizenship
  • Technical Literacy.