Career and Technical Education (CTE) 

Students focus on exciting career/post-secondary pathways that fit their personality and academic interests.

  • Today's CTE is for all students, integrated with academics in a rigorous and relevant curriculum.
  • CTE courses are taught by some of the most highly qualified professionals in the region - over 80% come from industry first and then education. Real-world knowledge and connections help students explore and succeed in the competitive job market.
  • Students work hands-on with the material and learn life skills,  preparing for the workforce of tomorrow by gaining work skills beyond individual content specialties. 
  • High school students can earn college credit in their area of interest, a great head start.
  • Courses may help students qualify for and earn accreditation/certification in their area of interest.
  • Career Clubs provide experiences beyond the classroom and help students connect to their schools.  
  • The goal is to help students GET to work - that means high-paying careers, both regionally and globally.  

Programs of study are offered in 6 broad Minnesota Career Fields with exposure to over 13 career clusters and pathways. Programs of study at Denfeld and Duluth East:

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The Value of Career and Technical Education