Forest Forensics

Forest Forensics

Duluth Area Learning Center Students Conduct Geocaching & Ecology-based Breakout

A group of hardy ALC students headed into the frozen northwoods with snowshoes, GPS devices, and wilderness survival gear. Arriving at the trailhead, they learned of several hidden caches located in the forest - and buried underneath a heavy layer of snow. Using coordinate clues, GPS, and snow shovels, they set to work uncovering geocaches and solving the mystery of the “Wild Grouse Chase.”

Air temperatures were in the single digits, but spirits were high. Along the trails, they observed evidence of life in the woods, analyzed animal signs, and discussed forest ecology and winter survival strategies for animals and humans alike.

District educators Jamie Bennett, Todd Mickolajak, and Phil Thouin led the group. Funding provided through the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation and Esperanza Fund.

Thank you, Jamie Bennett, for the photos and info.