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Welcome!  Deciding to pursue education online is an important decision.  AEO works to inspire every student to achieve their potential and to prepare students to lead productive, fulfilling lives as citizens of their communities and the world.  

AEO strives to meet the unique needs of today's online learners and help students and families achieve their goals.  Through AEO, students receive the support they need to be disciplined and self-motivated in their virtual classrooms.  

Teachers at AEO are committed to connecting with students on a regular basis and providing meaningful feedback in real time.  Students receive a personalized, relationship-based online academic experience; access to highly educated and experienced teachers dedicated to student success; lessons that are relevant, current and engaging. Based in Duluth, MN, AEO provides a local connection for students throughout northern MN.

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Looking for more information?  Contact us!  Let us know if you have questions or would like to talk with us about AEO, we’re happy to help.

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