Full Time Student Status

As part of the transition from high school to post high school adult life, high school students have many opportunities to prepare while retaining full time student status. As you consider different class options, we'd like to clarify expectations around full time student status. 
Requirements for Full Time Students: 
  • A Duluth Public School Student is considered full time if they are carrying five (5) or more classes (including zero hour and Academic Excellence Online) in the each semester.
  • These five classes must be in addition to WIN time and may not include more than one study hall.
  • Attendance requirements for eligibility apply to all of these classes, including study hall. 
Why care about full time student status?
  • Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) guidelines requires a student to be both academically eligible and considered a 'full time student' to participate in MSHSL activities. Only students that are fully enrolled in a school are eligible to be placed on that school's eligibility roster and participate in League programs offered by the school the student attends. For more information, please see the MSHSL Handbook.
  • Student athletes are also responsible for National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requirements.
  • Additionally, attendance policy requires regular attendance to maintain eligibility as a full time student. For specifics, please refer to the Family and Student Handbook (page 36)
Post-Secondary Enrollment and Full Time Student Status
A Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) student is considered full time if they take a number of credits equal to those required of a full time student in the Duluth Public Schools. A student needs at least ten (10) credits per semester in the PSEO program to be considered full time in Duluth Public Schools.
If you have questions, please talk with your school counselor or contact the Curriculum Department